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Assessment: Home

Assessment at ICC Library

To ensure our services continually improve, we assess our services regularly. This guide breaks the assessment into three sections: instruction, resources & space, and reference services.

The overall assessment plan breaks it down into three sections as well: resources, services, and instruction. Assessment periods recur every three semesters.

Faculty Survey Testimonials

Humanities faculty testimonial: THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the work you do researching what is best for us, implementing new services, and helping us understand what they are/how to use them! You all do such a great job supporting faculty. You probably don't hear it often enough, but you should know that we really appreciate you!
Health Careers faculty says they appreciate librarians' willingness to help out with this faculty's program.
Humanities faculty says their teaching is better as a result of collaboration with the library.

Reference Services Testimonials

Resources: Libraries curate resources for the college community that assist students with coursework and support overall learning.

Assessment Period: Fall 2019

The library curates a space that fits the student's need for computers, group work, and private study. Student survey, Learning styles
The library opens  physical access to the library on multiple campuses during various hours of operation throughout the week. Student survey, Course schedules
The library hires and trains professional staff who assist students in and outside of the library. LibInsight, HR/Data on degrees 
The library creates access to material in various physical and electronic formats which increases accessibility. Student survey, Database statistics, Proxy logs, Holding/Circ format
The library website enables access to the best available electronic resources from anywhere with an internet connection.

Student survey, EDS, Turnaway reports, Proxy logs

Services: Libraries provide services to the college community which allow students to prepare for college and lifelong learning.

Assessment Period: Spring 2019

The library provides various programming choices related to the One Book One College yearly book selection. Quality survey at events, LibInsight
The library requests and receives items from other libraries through the library's Interlibrary Loan program. Survey of needs met, Processing of dead requests, ILL stats
The library provides access to technology that can be used in and outside of the library.  Survey of outside libraries, Student survey, Circ stats

Instruction: Libraries formally teach the means and methods for students to gain information literacy skills.

Assessment Period: Fall 2018

The library offers professional reference assistance in a variety of physical and virtual settings. YouTube, LibraryH3lp, LibInsight, Quality survey
The library instructs students virtually on using the library and its resources to improve their knowledgebase. LibInsight, YouTube, Student Survey, Faculty Survey
The library collaborates with faculty to provide professional instruction on information literacy concepts tied to their course needs. LibInsight, Student Survey, Faculty survey, Assessment of student work