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Biology Research

A guide designed to help students in Biology classes find quality research.

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Plagarism Defined:

Plagiarism occurs when one steals or uses the ideas or writings of another and presents these writings or ideas as his/her own.

Common Types of Plagiarism

The academic articles and our own writing scholars generally list the following types of plagiarism:

  • Buying a paper for a research service or term paper mill.         
  • Turning in another student's work without that student's knowledge.         
  • Turning in a paper a fellow student or another person has written for you as your own work.         
  • Copying a paper from a source without proper acknowledgment.         
  • Copying materials verbatim from a source, supplying proper citation, but leaving out quotation marks.         
  • Paraphrasing materials from a source text without appropriate citation.    
  • Turning in a paper from a paid or free term paper website.    

The Web provides easy access to resources on how to avoid plagiarism.  Check those sources out if you have doubts as to your own ability to recognize whether you have plagiarized from a source.  Bottom line, if you quote it or paraphrase it (essentially everything you draft regarding the law will be one or the other) provide the proper citation to the correct source.  Failing to do so in the academic setting puts your grade in jeopardy.

Academic Misconduct at ICC

Plagiarism is academic misconduct.

"In brief, any act which represents work not one’s own as one’s own is an academically dishonest act. If a student is ever in doubt about an issue of academic dishonesty, or has any hesitation about a contemplated course of action, the student should consult his or her instructors. The penalties for academic dishonesty can be very painful and can affect the entire educational experience at Illinois Central College."

From the Illinois Central College Student Handbook.