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Dental Hygiene Resources

This LibGuide is designed to help you locate and use a variety of reliable sources for ICC's Dental Hygiene program courses.

Can't Find an Article?

Having a difficult time finding an article? Here are a few tips:

If you find too many results, try narrowing you search by:

Adding more terms, or using more precise terms

Example: ("dental hygiene" AND autism)

versus just ("dental hygiene")

or ("dental hygiene" and "special needs patients")

Refining your search

 Try limiting your search by:

  • publication date
  • article type (reviews, case studies, editorials, etc.)
  • journal title

Note: the types of limits available typically vary in different databases


 If you are finding too few results, try broadening your search by:

Taking away keywords, or substituting more general terms


("dental hygiene" AND "periodontal diseases")

versus ("dental hygiene" and "alveolar resorption")

using the more general term "periodontal disease" will give more results than looking for a specific subtype

Think about possible synonyms for your original search terms, or other terms you can use that will look for a similar concept. 


("dental hygiene" OR "oral hygiene")

("dental orthopedics" OR "orthodontics")

either example will turn up more results than a search conducted using just one term or the other


Then, of course, remember that our librarians are happy to help if you cannot find what you are looking for. Just stop by the reference desk, call, or enter your question in the "Ask ICC Library" chat box for assistance.

ICC doesn't have it?

Consider requesting items not currently available at ICC through the following services:

Electronic Journal Databases for Dental Hygiene Topics

Electronic versions of journal articles can be found within databases. These databases allow you to perform searches by subject terms, author, title, date of publication and other terms. Using these databases also helps ensure that you find the kind of scholarly, peer-reviewed sources that your instructors want you to use. 

Here are some databases that you might find useful:

CINAHL Plus with Full Text

This comprehensive database covers more than 760 journals devoted to various kinds of health information and research.  Most of the articles included in this database can be accessed in full text.  Those that are not available in full text can often be requested through interlibrary loan (please see a librarian for more information). 


This multidisciplinary database indexes over 2500 journals covering a broad range of subjects, including several devoted to health sciences and dentistry. Search hintOnce you are in the database, click on the "Search" link at the top of the page.  On this search page you can limit the Subject to "Medicine and Dentistry."  This will narrow your search to only articles found in journals devoted to dental health (rather than all of the sciences!). 

PubMed Central

PubMed Central is an open access database offered by the National Institutes of Health. This is a good place to look for the broadest amount of sources and for information about clinical practice and research taking place around the world, or for research on the links between certain health conditions and associated oral health conditions.

Academic One-File

This is a more general database, but can be useful for finding journal and newspaper articles on broader topics. This can be especially useful to search for current events and trends.

Did you know you can access these electronic databases from home?

The only difference from using them in the library is that you will need to log in using your regular username and password; it's the same login ID and password you use to log on to any campus computer.  

Dental Hygiene-Related Print Journals

Like most media, journals are in the midst of a major migration into digital format.  Indeed, the vast majority of journals available through the ICC library are only available electronically through the library's database subscriptions, like those listed to the left.  However, there are still several journals that ICC Library maintains in print, due to their not being fully available (i.e. no full-text access) online.

Here are some of the dental hygiene-related print journal titles available at the ICC Peoria Library:


Compendium of continuing education in dentistry

A peer-reviewed publication offering articles of clinical significance in dentistry, Compendium publishes evidence-based research and information on emerging dental technologies. This journal can be searched using the library's CINAHL database but the full-text can only be obtained through the library's print holdings. 


Gordon J. Christensen clinicians report : CR

This monthly report aims to keep dental hygienists and other dental professionals up-to-date on that latest tools and products used in their fields.


Illinois Dental News: the official journal of the Illinois State Dental Society

This periodical covers current events of particular interest to Illinois dental health professionals.  It also provides information about the research and other activities headed up by the ISDS.


Journal of the American Dental Association

The official journal of the American Dental Asssociation (ADA), this publication provides scholarly, peer-reviewed research articles in addition to clinical information, regional and national dental health reports, and continuing education opportunities. This journal can be searched using the library's CINAHL database, but the full text can only be obtained through the library's print holdings.


Journal of Periodontology

The official journal of the American Academy of Periodontology, this publication offers original scientific articles to support practice, education, and research in the specialized dental field of periodontics.  This journal can be searched using the library's CINAHL Plus database, but the full text can only be obtained through the library's print holdings.


Special care in dentistry

A joint publishing venture of the American Association of Hospital Dentists, the Academy of Dentistry for the Handicapped, and the American Society for Geriatric Dentistry, this bimonthly scholarly journal is devoted to improving oral health for individuals with special needs.  This journal can be searched using the library's CINAHL Plus database.