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Disabilities: Services, Resources, and Information

An overview of services, resources, and information on disability, accommodations, and national and state level organizations.

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Services Offered by ICC

Access Services



a banner with a grey background with the colors of the disability pride flag, red, yellow, white, blue, and green in stripes across one corner.  There is text on the banner which reads "Services at ICC."

a small icon of a stylized circle with three sections.  In one section, two hands are shaking hands.  In other section, three hands are being raised.  And in the final section, three people are clustered together and there is a plus sign next to them to indicate inclusion.Access Services

The Office of Access Services seeks to provide support for students with disabilities.  Access Services can provide a wide range of accommodations including interpretation, testing accommodations, alternative textbook formats, such as braille or audio, and orientation and mobility training.

You can find more in depth coverage of the Office of Access Services’ accommodation offerings and the necessary documentation and information for initiating the interactive process at

a small icon of two heads in profile, one colored dark blue, the other bright yellow.  Above the blue head there is a speech bubble with a thunderstorm depicted in it.  The yellow head has a speech bubble above it with a heart with a small plus sign next to it.Counseling Services

The counselors at ICC can provide students with short-term, solution-focused one-on-one counseling and group counseling.  If you need more in depth or long term support, they can connect you with community resources to help meet your needs.  They also have links to a wide range of free resources curated on their webpage.  You can find out more and make appointments at     

a small item of two people at a table.  One is standing with their arm raised, as if gesturing or writing on a blackboard, and the other is seated with a book open in front of them and a speech bubble with three dots above their head.Tutoring

The Academic Support Center (ASC) provides one-on-one and some group tutoring both in person and online within a range of topics.  For at risk classes, the tutors provide Supplemental Instruction, working directly with instructors and students to support the course. In addition to tutoring, the ASC provides Student Success Workshops which cover a range of topics from paper writing and study skills to English as a Second Language and Health Careers focused workshop sessions.

For times when you can’t get an appointment with our tutors either due to high demand, scheduling conflicts, or needing assistance outside of our normal operating hours, you can access SmartThinking which is a 24/7 online tutoring service.  You can find more information, full workshop lists, dates and times, and make appointments at