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American Sign Language and Deaf Culture

Resources for American Sign Language Classes and Interpreter Program

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Using This Guide

This guide is intended to be a jumping off point for resources covering American Sign Language, Deaf culture, and ASL Interpretation.  It is divided into four distinct sections: 

  1. Introduction: Gives a general overview of each section and how to find resources and materials outside of what is provided in this guide.
  2. American Sign Language: Provides links to several specialized and general ASL Open Education Resources (OER) dictionaries and study tools as well as a brief selection of ASL reference materials provided by the library.
  3. Deaf Culture: Provides links to several resources to give students an introduction to Deaf culture, including Deaf YouTubers, ASL news sources, and selected library materials.
  4. National and State Organizations: Provides a brief overview of various organizations which advocate for the D/deaf, hard of hearing, and ASL teaching. 

You can navigate to the section you wish to view by using the menu on the left.

Finding Sources

The easiest ways to find American Sign Language, Deaf Culture, and Sign Language Interpretation materials in the ICC Library catalog is to use known quantities--searching by author or title--or using key words and subject headings.  You can do this using the advanced search options.  Some examples of common key words or subject headings for these materials are: American Sign Language, ASL, Deaf, Deafness, Deaf Author, Interpreters for the Deaf, and Sign Language -- History.