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Quick Start to Research

Guiding you through the research process.

A Quick Start to Research

Find helpful tips & tools to aid in the research process. 

Steps in Effective Research

Steps in Effective Research:

1. Define your information need

Define the need, problem or question

2. Find information

Locate, access and retrieve information from a variety of sources

3. Evaluate information

Assess the information's currency, reliability, accuracy and purpose/point of view.  Use the C.R.A.P. test.

4. Organize information

Compile information so it can be used to meet the information need

5. Communicate information

Communicate the information ethically and legally by writing a paper, giving a presentation or in another format.  Do not plagiarize. Use citations and have a works cited page. 

adapted from Taylor, Terry. et al. 100% Information Literacy Success. Clifton Park, NY: Thompson Delmar Learning, 2007. Print.