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Medical Lab Technician Library Resources


General Information

Lab technicians are often responsible for analyzing blood, urine, and other bodily fluid chemistries.Urinalysis is a common subfield of clinical chemistry.

This is an image of uric acid crystals found in a urine sample. This image along with many others can be found at Dr. Fogazzi's Bedside Urinary Microscopy Lecture Series (


Urinalysis Tutorial

This tutorial, hosted by the University of Utah Eccles Health Sciences Library, provides an overview of macro and microscopic urinalysis, and describes proper collection techniques.

Arterial Blood Gases Explained

A detailed explanation of arterial blood gases, how to do the blood draw, and interpret the tests. 

Chemistry Tutorials and Quizzes

Bio Alive provides a collection of tutorials from different technical colleges demonstrating chemistry experiments or tasks.


Here are some reliable web sources where you can find more information about clinical chemistry: