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Medical Lab Technician Library Resources

It's critical to be critical!

You can find many sources on the internet, but sometimes it can be difficult to decide if a site has quality information, or junk information. One way to critically review a website is to use the CRAP Test:

C: Currency: How recently was the website updated or published? Does the site even list any dates?

R: Reliability: Is the content factually-based or based on opinion? Does the site list references and quote sources?

A: Authority: Is an author listed for the site? Is the author credentialed (e.g. RN, MD, etc.)? Are there advertisements on the page? If so, are the ads related to the content of the information on the site (e.g. a critical review of over the counter pain medication with ads for Advil next to it might be suspicious).

P: Purpose or Point of View: Does the site appear to be biased? Is the site trying to sell you something?

If you are unable to answer these questions for a web site, then you should reconsider using it as a source for course assignments and research papers.

Recommended Website Links

CDC Parasites Index



National Institutes of Health (NIH)

This site has general information about health conditions, clinical trials, and updates on the latest medical research.

The Cell Image Library

This website includes a tour of the cell along with hundreds of photos documenting plant and animal cells and cell processes.

Lab Tests Online

Lab Tests Online provides information about a variety of lab tests, along with sample lab reports and articles pertinent to lab technicians and phlebotomists.


The MicrobeLibrary is a peer-reviewed, digital media center for undergraduate microbiology sponsored by the American Society for Microbiology. The site contains images, illustrations, and other interactive guides to topics in microbiology.



MedlinePlus Video Tutorial

Click on the image below to watch a video tutorial created by the National Library of Medicine to help you better understand how to evaluate health-related information found on the internet