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About the Library

The ICC Library provides a people-centered welcoming environment that offers access to outstanding resources and knowledgeable staff to meet the evolving technological and informational needs of the college community.


Each student receives 300 pages or $15.00 credit for printing for the Fall and Spring semesters, 200 pages or $10.00 for the Summer semester and 150 pages or $7.50 for a Minimester.  The printing allotment can be used in classrooms and at the library. When a student’s allotted pages are depleted, more prints can be added to their account by purchasing them at Enrollment Services.  Printing balances do not rollover to the next semester.  The printers are set to default printing on both sides of the paper to save on paper.  Remember that a double-sided page is counted as two copies when it is subtracted from your printing allotment balance.. 

If the print job exceeds 10 pages, it will automatically be canceled.  To print a document more than 10 pages, break the document into 10 page sections (for example pages 1-10, then 11-end).

Color Printing

Color printing is available at all library locations.


Copy machines are available at all library locations. Copies cost $.10/side of page. Copy machines are coin-operated. Ask at the Service Desk to break larger bills.


Scanning to USB is available at all library locations.


Outgoing and incoming faxing is available at the East Peoria campus library. See a library staff member for assistance.

  • Outgoing fax: $2
  • Incoming fax: $1/per page

The library only accepts cash for faxing.