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About the Library

The ICC Library provides a people-centered welcoming environment that offers access to outstanding resources and knowledgeable staff to meet the evolving technological and informational needs of the college community.

Operational Standards

The Library is available for use by students, faculty, and staff of the College and by adult residents of Community College District 514.

Violating any of these rules may cause the individual(s) involved to be expelled from the library.
Please remember this is an academic library.

You may be asked to leave if you are: 

  • Intoxicated
  • Consuming food or uncovered beverages 
  • Bringing pets, other animals or bicycles into the library 
  • Disturbing other patrons or library staff (Soliciting, using personal audio devices or cell phones loud enough to distract others, snoring, etc.) 
  • Leaving children unattended 
  • Disrespectful of the physical library space
  • Disrespectful of library staff or other patrons

If you are a student and you abuse these policies you may be referred by Library staff or a Public Safety officer to the Dean of Student Services for appropriate discipline.

Food and Drink Standards

Covered beverages are permitted in the Library and Academic Support Center. Food should be eaten elsewhere prior to entering the space.

Library Guests

We welcome the public and offer non-student library cards for use by our guests.

If you are a Library guest and you abuse these policies your guest privileges will be revoked and you will be prohibited from using the Library.  Upon revocation, reinstatement is possible only through a written appeal to and a meeting with the College Librarian.