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Nursing Program Resources


Take this Quiz on Metric conversions and see the answers right away.

University of North Carolina Metric Conversion Quiz.

Test your ability to read orders and calculate dosages! Answers are provided to check your work.

University of Kentucky Nurse Math Quiz.

This website is recommended by the ICC Learning Lab to help you learn all the formulas for calculating dosages.

Dosage Help

This tutorial teaches and tests conversions and formulas. 

Medical Mathematics for Student Nurses

Nursing Calculators

Try out these nursing calculators for figuring dosage and infusion questions.

Manuel's Web Calculator

Medical College of Wisconsin Calculators


Professor Holmes explains proportions. 

Ratios & Fractions & Percentages

Need help with the basic math skills for multiplying fractions, ratios and percentages? Math Meeting has several super short videos that show how to convert fractions to ratios and percentages. After the first video you will see additional videos to watch. 

Multiplying Fractions

This video explains basic math for nurses. Find more videos by Brenda Holmes, a Nursing Professor at South Arkansas Community College, on Youtube and on this page.

IV Calculations

This nursing student has a very good video for explaining IV calculations. Try some of her other videos if her explanations help you!


IV Calculations

Professor Holmes explains IV infusions.