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EMS and EMT Library Resources

Educational YouTube Channels

Did you know that YouTube contains a lot more than funny cat videos?  Well, believe it!  There are countless educational videos, including those relevant to EMTs and other health professionals.  Some that EMS students might find useful include: 

Waukesha County Technical College - EMS program's YouTube channel

This channel was created by the WCTC EMS program, and offers a variety of educational video modules meant to inform EMS student viewers.  Some of the short videos demonstrate key clinical skills while other, longer videos are more like mini-lectures on significant topics like patient assessment.  See an example of WCTCEMS channel's videos in the top left below. 

Pro-EMS Center for Medics' YouTube Channel

This YouTube channel is created and maintained by the Pro-EMS Center for Medics in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  These EMS training videos mainly consist of paramedic interns of the Pro-EMS program demonstrating detailed clinical processes and skills important to the everyday work of EMTs.  See an example of the Center's videos in the middle window below. 

Nucleus Medical Media's YouTube Channel 

These short animated video samples cover a variety of medical conditions and topics, some of which (like the one shown at the bottom of this section) can be useful for ICC's EMT students.  

Films on Demand

Films on Demand is a cloud-based digital video delivery service allows users to view streaming videos from top producers anytime, anywhere.

You'll find outstanding content—much of it exclusive—from Films for the Humanities & Sciences, ABC News, NBC News, BBC, National Geographic, The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, Bill Moyers, Shopware, The Open University, A&E, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, Fred Friendly Seminars, Cambridge Educational, and many more. Programs from more than 800 producers are included in these comprehensive subscriptions—more than you'll find anywhere else.


EMS Videos on the Web

If you are interested in finding online EMS videos for personal or academic use, you can also find videos on some of the sites linked to from the "Websites" tab of this LibGuide.  Specifically:

EMS 1 also offers a variety of videos covering news items and "how-to" information. 

JEMS provides a variety of videos and multimedia resources.  Especially helpful for ICC EMT students would be the training videos found in the "Video" tab or the archived training webcasts.  Be cautious with "sponsor" or "product" videos, as a commercial interest may help bias the information presented. 

MedlinePlus Videos

MedlinePlus, a rich resource organized and operated by the National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health, also offers a wide variety of free online videos, including interactive health tutorials, anatomy videos, and videos detailing surgical procedures.  Though the site is mainly intended for consumer health information, a great deal of it is still useful to Health Careers students. 

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