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Medical Dictionaries

What does pachycephaly* mean? Have you ever come across medical terms in articles or assignments that you don't understand?  Instead of doing a Google search or relying on Wikipedia, try using one of our medical dictionaries! The entries in these dictionaries are authoratative and easy to read. You can find these available online via the library website:

*By the way, according to Mosby's Dictionary of Medicine, pachycephaly is an abnormal thickness of the skull.

Drug Guides

Need to find information about a specific drug? What is the drug used to treat, what are proper dosages, and what are possible side effects or interactions with other drugs? All of this information can be found in drug guides. Here are some electronic drug guides:

Academic Drug Guides:

  • Nursing Reference Center: Click on the tab labeled Drug Information. Here you can search Davis Drug Guide for Nurses and AHFS Drug Information Essentials

Consumer Drug Guides: