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Reading List Plugin for Canvas

This guide is for instructors to provide assistance with using and creating ICC Library Reading Lists.

Add Reading List Content to a Canvas Module

Reading list content can be added as a Module in Canvas. You can add the entire reading list, a section, or individual content items to Canvas Modules. This feature allows you to add content from your list directly to where students will access it in the course. 

Select + to add Module

Add Item to Module. Use the Add drop-down box to select External Tool. Locate ICC Library Reading List. Highlight and select ICC Library Reading List. Click Add Item

Select reading list content from the Link Resource From External Tool menu.

Use the radio buttons to add the Full List, Section, or individual content item.

Tip: You can select individual content items from multiple sections.

Click Select.


Note: Selected content display as their own Module link. Individual citations are displayed as separate Module links. 

Once you have completed the steps, go back, and click on the Module to open the reading list item.