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Reading List Plugin for Canvas

This guide is for instructors to provide assistance with using and creating ICC Library Reading Lists.

Add Content to a Reading List

There are many different options for adding items to your reading list. 

  1. Cite It Bookmarklet - recommended for adding web links. 
  2. Library Search - search the library catalog from the Reading List in Canvas. 
  3. Add Link - manually copy & paste link and citation information. 
  4. Collection - add items from your ICC Library Collection. 
  5. Upload a File - upload a file

Cite It Bookmarklet

Cite It bookmarklet enables you to collect resources while browsing the web.

To install it simply drag and drop the link below to your bookmarks panel. Cite It! will automatically harvest the title, URL, and other details. Remember to check for accuracy when adding resources to your list. 

Navigate to Cite It

Find the Cite It Bookmarklet in the Profile Menu. Look for your initials towards the top-right corner of the screen. 


Add items with Cite it! browser plugin

Cite it! is a bookmarklet that allows Instructors to easily add web content to the ICC Reading List, without having to copy & paste. 

Use Cite It when browsing the web. Click on Cite It from the bookmarks bar to add the website to your Reading List. The example below, shows a database article being added to a reading list using Cite It. 

Click Add & Close to add the item to your list.

Search the ICC Library Collection and Add Items

Search for items in the ICC Library by entering title, author, or keyword in the search scope. Advanced search options are also available.
Click on Add or Add & Edit to add items to your list. (See our video tutorial below!)

Use the Create tab to add web resources or upload a document

To add other sources to your reading list, you can copy and paste a website address into the Source field or Upload your own files. Then add your own citation in this menu. (See our video tutorial below!)