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Reading List Plugin for Canvas

This guide is for instructors to provide assistance with using and creating ICC Library Reading Lists.

For Students

The ICC Library Reading List is a tool used by instructors to organize your course content (articles, videos, and other sources ) in one place. 

There are options for student interaction that might be used by instructors. These include:

  • Keep track of upcoming readings.
  • Mark items you've "Read".
  • "Like" an item.
  • Discussion panels for an entire list or a specific item on the list.
  • Student-generated suggestions for further or related readings.

See our tutorial videos below! 

What do I need to read this week?

Readings are organized in sections, either by week, unit, or however the instructor chooses to organize the readings. You will see readings grouped together. 

To the right of the title, there's a checkmark you can click to show you've read an item. Unclicked, it's white; once you click it, it turns blue. You can tell at a glance which items you've already read, and which ones you still need to read. If you click it by mistake, you can click again to revert to "unread".

Student Suggestions

To add a suggested reading, you go to your Collection. Find the item, and select "Suggest this item". See detailed instructions below.

Adding Items to Your "Collection"

You can only add suggested readings that exist in your "Collection". If you've already searched using the Library Search and pinned something, it's here in your Collection; that's usually the easiest way to create your Collection.

If you haven't already searched using the Library Search, you can do that from the ICC Library Reading List. Here's how:

  • Leave the "Lists" tab and go to the "Collection" tab.
    • This is normally on the left side of your screen.
  • Click the blue plus button to "Add items".
    • This opens a search pane for searching the library resources.
    • Perform a search. When you find something you like, drag it into your Collection. Bring over as many as you like; you'll be able to evaluate them more carefully once they're in your Collection.

Screenshot of adding an item to your Collection:

Suggesting Items from your Collection to a List

Start from "Collection" - NOT from a list.

Once an item is in your Collection, use the drop-down menu beside it (it's an elipsis: "...").

  • Select "Suggest this item".
  • In the box that opens, select which list/section you want to add it to.

Instructor Approval

Your instructor must approve your suggestion for others to see it.

  • Instructors are sent a notification that a suggestion has been received.
  • Instructors can see the suggested item and who suggested it.
  • If they approve, they add the item to the reading list.

Student Discussions

Each instructor can choose to use or hide this option. IF your instructor has chosen to use Student Discussion, you'll see it listed in the right side panel.

Students and instructors can leave comments on the reading list itself and on individual sources. 

Enter your comments into the box. Use it to ask questions, or to give feedback. You can also copy-paste from another document.

Your instructor and your classmates can see who posted each comment in the discussion. 

You can also like individual sources. Click the "Like" button to show an instructor that you found this valuable. You'll also be able to see if the number of other students who liked it.

Student Discussions

Student Interactions with Reading Lists