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Reading List Plugin for Canvas

This guide is for instructors to provide assistance with using and creating ICC Library Reading Lists.

Tutorials and Guides

All the video and pdf guides for using ICC Reading Lists will be updated and accessible here. 

ICC Reading List Tool Series Playlist

Create a Reading List Through Blackboard

Setting Up A New Course Before Creating Your Reading List

Setting Up A Course Reading List

Create A New Section

Add a Citation to a Reading List Through Search and Add

Add a Citation to a Reading List with Create

How to Add Cite-It To Bookmark Bar

Adding Web Content using Cite-It

Associate a List to a Course- ICC Library Reading List Series

Finishing Your Reading List- ICC Library Reading List Series

Add Collaborators

Student Interactions with Reading Lists

Student Discussions

Turning Off Student Discussions

Direct Link to a List Section

Adding Pinned Items to a Collection

Adding a Citation to a Collection

Course Rollove Process to Start a New Semester

Reading List Analytics for Instructors

Copy a Reading List from your Blackboard Sandbox to your Active Course

Add Blackboard Assignment Link to ICC Library Reading Lists

ICC Library Reading List Faculty Session 2 - Sept. 9, 2020

Getting Started With ICC Library Reading List- Faculty Session Aug. 2020